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@Transferring data from EndNote basic or EndNote to RefWorks

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@Transferring data from RefWorks to EndNote basic

Data can be transferred from RefWorks to EndNote basic using process 1 and 2 listed below. 1. Use RefWorks to convert the data you wish to transfer into "Bibliographic Software format (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite)". Method: 1) Select "References," "Export" from the menu bar. 2) Select the target to export. 3) From "Export Format," select "Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite)" 4) Click the "Export References" button. 5) The screen will refresh, with the data displayed on the browser. (If character encoding errors occur, change the character code to Unicode.) 6) Use the browser to select "File," "Save As," and specify a directory in which to save. 7) Alternately, on the previous Export screen, click below the "Export Complete" message on the "click here". Save the file attached to the e-mail that arrives. 8) Log out of RefWorks. 2. Use EndNote basic to import the file in "RefWorks Import" format. Method: 1) Click the "Collect" tab. 2) Click on "Import References." 3) Click on the "File:" and "Reference" buttons. 4) Select the file you extracted from RefWorks and saved in process 1., clicking the "Open." button. 5) Select "Filter:" and "RefWorks Import." 6) Use "To:" to select the destination folder. 7) Click the "Import" button. 8) A message stating "XX references were imported into (folder name) group" will be displayed.

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