Connecting your own PC to the network

Computers can be connected to UTNet using either wired or wireless connections.  

◆ Wireless connections 

  You can use the campus wireless network service "UTokyo WiFi".
  Computers equipped with a wireless card can access the network if they are within 
  range of a wireless relay station.
  To use the wireless network on your computer, you need to acquire the UTokyo WiFi account.
   *About the campus wireless network service, please see this page "UTokyo WiFi".
◆ Wired connections 
  Please use Wired connections. (The ECCS Account is required)
  Personal computers can be physically connected to any of the information sockets 
  located on campus (note: users must carry their own LAN cable). 
   * How to take the "ECCS Online New User Information Seminar"
   * Educational Campuswide Computing System Users' Handbook(PDF)