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How to use computers at the University of Tokyo

Figure 1: On the use of the University of Tokyo's PCs and network

Computers of the Information Technology Center Educational Campuswide Computing System (ECCS) are set at many locations within the campus such as the library. They are available for all students, faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo. To use the ECCS computers or to use the ECCS network on your personal computers via the wired network, you need to acquire an ECCS Account. To use ECCS on a wired network, connect your computer to an outlet with a cable at places with an information outlet (ex. Locations with ECCS PCs). (Note: Users must carry their own LAN cable.)
PCs connected to the university's network have access to electronic-journals[e-journals](electronic version of the academic journals) that the university has subscribed.
To use the wireless network on your computer, you need to acquire the UTokyo WiFi Account and use "UTokyo WiFi".
(*On uses of PCs & network of the department, please confirm with the person in charge at each department.)

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