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GACoS is a gateway to search for documents and other academic information over the Internet. It can be used to support your research activity. Japanese

 Academic Paper Support Book: Start here 【Web edition】
(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2020.1.28)

To access databases and e-journals at home/during business trips

◆Off-Campus Access Services
 Students, faculty and staff of the University of Tokyo have access to databases and e-journals limited to the university members from off-campus via these services.
  • "SSL-VPN Gateway Service": For students
  • "Authentication Gateway Service": For faculty and staff, prior procedures are necessary to use this service. The members who can use Authentication Gateway Service are Faculty Members, Fixed-term Project Staff, Fixed-term Part-time Project Staff, and JSPS Research Fellows enrolled at the University of Tokyo.
To access service guide and login page, click here.
FAQ "How to access databases and E-journals from off-campus?"
◆Open Access
Free electronic journals called Open Access journals can be accessed from home without using the off-campus access services above.
*How to tell a journal's accessibility; whether it is accessible on campus, or on campus and off-campus as well
Access to E-journal & E-book Portal, and search by the journal title. (If you are off-campus, log into the Off-Campus Access Services, and search by the journal title.)
Figure:Icons on E-journal & E-book Portal search result pages

Icons on search result pages:
  • "Free" icon: Open access journals those are available without using the off-campus access services above.(Titles included in E-journal & E-book Portal are only a portion of open access journals.)
  • "via off-campus access services" icon: Available from home by off-campus access services above.
  • Results without an icon: The journals can only be accessed from a computer connected to the UTokyo network.
    (There are some databases that are available by off-campus access service but are not indicated with a via off-campus access service icon. The information of the databases is now under revision process. Please search on GACoS's "Find Database" page using the "Free Access (registration necessary)" filter for confirmation.)
  • In a case which the result does not include the journal you wanted or volumes outside of the recorded years : Please search Open access journal by Google Scholar* or printed journals by UTokyo OPAC.)
    *Search engine to search sholary literature provided by Google.
A list of free tools can be found by searching on GACoS's "Find Database" page using the "Free Access" conditions.

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