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(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2020.1.31)

Column: How to look at reference lists: Finding materials specified during classes

Have you ever had trouble finding materials on reference lists at the end of books, papers, or on handouts from classes?
If you know the points to look at reference lists, it will be much easier to look for materials.

Here is an example, but the writing style of reference lists is different for each research area and journal.
 (*This paper and book are fictional.)

(Journal Articles) Journal Articles have "volume (and/or issue) numbers".
 Todai Kensaku.(Author) The impact of search skills for academic articles: comparing the students who does not know GACoS and who knows GACoS.(Article title) Journal of UTokyo Academic Writing. (Journal title)2013,(Publication year) 77(5),(Volume(issue)) p.1-7.(Page numbers)

(A chapter of a book) Books display "the publisher" in reference lists.
 Todai Kensaku.(Author) "How to read and understand the bibliography lists".(Title of chapter) A guidebook for academic writing.(Book title) GACoS Press, (Publisher) 2013,(Publication year) p.55-60.(Page numbers)
If you do not know how to look for the material on the list, trying "TREE" is one way.
Try searching with "TREE" by entering titles of materials on the list.
If the material you are looking for cannot be found by the title of the paper or chapter, search with the title of the journal or book.
(Please refer the section 【Just try a search!】

Also, if you have trouble finding materials, you can consult your department library counter, or ask questions by using the "ASK Service".

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