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GACoS is renewed as Literacy on the University of Tokyo Library System.
Thank you for using GACoS for a long time.
GACoS will no longer be updated, so please use Literacy.

GACoS is a gateway to search for documents and other academic information over the Internet. It can be used to support your research activity. Japanese

 Academic Paper Support Book: Start here 【Web edition】
(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2020.1.31)

Search with a tool that suits your needs/research field

When you are not satisfied with TREE's search function or when you want to use individual search tools that better suit your purpose/research field, access GACoS to know more about what kind of search tools are available.
GACoS has links to search tools available at the University of Tokyo and you can look for databases depending on the material type, the search topic, and the database name.

Figure 4: How to look for databases on GACoS
(Example of standard databases) (See 【To access databases and e-journals at home/during business trips】)

To find out which search tool is relevant to your research, it is helpful to ask for an advice to people who are in the same research field such as your supervisor and seniors at your lab.
Figure 5: Don't get lost! Resource search navigator
Also, if you have trouble finding materials, you can consult your department library counter, or ask questions by using "ASK Service".
There are seminars on major databases. We take requests for conducting seminars during classes and order made seminars for free.

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