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GACoS is a gateway to search for documents and other academic information over the Internet. It can be used to support your research activity. Japanese

 Academic Paper Support Book: Start here 【Web edition】
(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2020.2.3)

How to acquire materials

  • On the Web:

    Electronic journals, electronic books, full texts of papers, and newspaper articles can be viewed from the "Full Text" and "PDF" on the search result screen on your computer.
    Figure 6: To view the full text of articles found on the web
    Click "UTokyo Article Link" in a case where you cannot find the link to the full text after searching the database. "UTokyo Article Link" is a service which searches for that article on e-journals available at the University of Tokyo and the University of Tokyo OPAC.

    *If you cannot access the full text by clicking the link, it may be a material that UTokyo does not subscribe to, or you may be trying to access to a subscribed material off-campus without using an off-campus access service.
    (See 【To access databases and e-journals at home/during business trips】)

    If you have trouble finding materials, you can consult your department library counter, or ask questions by using "ASK Service".

  • For printed materials:

    If you can not get the material on the web, you can conduct a search on the University of Tokyo OPAC, check the location of the material, and get the material at the library. There is a service to have materials delivered from other libraries.
    Figure 7: To find printed materials
    If the UTokyo Library does not have the books or journals you need, switch the tab to "Other Univ." on the UTokyo OPAC, then books and journals held by other university libraries can be searched.

    Those who are registered library users can make book reservation, book delivery requests, extension requests, and library book purchase requests by logging in on "MyOPAC" on the page of the University's library collection database catalog "The University of Tokyo OPAC". These services are free of charge.
    Also, by submitting "Application form for the MyOPAC delivery request service"(PDF) to your department library, you will be able to use services such as copy request (charged).
    Registered users can order on-campus materials (printed copies or PDFs) or materials from other universities (printed copies or books) after logging in on MyOPAC.
    (See 【Making full use of the library!】)

    If there is anything that you are unsure of on using one of the library services, feel free to consult your department library counter or submit questions to the librarians using the "ASK Service".

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