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(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2020.2.5)

Deciding where to submit your paper

When deciding which journal to submit your paper, asking for advice to people who are in the same research field like your supervisor and seniors at your lab will be helpful.

"JCR (Journal Citation Reports)" an academic journal evaluation tool may be helpful to do a search on your own. You can find the "Impact Factor" of a journal with this tool.
(See 【To access databases and e-journals at home/during business trips】)

JCR provides tools and indices to measure the relative importance and influence of academic journals, such as the Impact Factor. It also features the relationship between citing and cited journals.
This information allows you to compare several journals in the same academic field, for example in order to select where to submit your latest article.
The Impact Factor is the average number of times articles published in a given journal are cited over one year. It allows you to compare the influence of a journal among the scientific community.

Calculation method (example for 2018)
  • A = the total number of articles published by the journal between 2016 and 2017
  • B = the total number of references in 2018 to any of the articles covered by A
  • Impact Factor 2018 = B / A
JCR does not provide tools to judge the impact of individual articles. Please keep this in mind when considering the concept of Impact Factor.

In addition, finding out whether the journal you are considering is a registered journal of a major database or not, and the audience of the journal indicated on the publisher or the academic society's web site may be helpful in your decision making.

"Open Access" is one of the ways to gain an audience by publicizing the paper for free.
"Open Access" is to freely publish academic articles online, allowing readers to access them without any restrictions. One of the factors behind this project is the steep rise in the prices of journal subscriptions, which is making access to valuable academic information more difficult.
You can submit your paper to a journal that adopts open access or publicize your paper at "The University of Tokyo Institutional Repository (UTokyo Repository)"(*) to make your paper open access.
(*)Institutional Repository is a system which academic organizations such as universities can archive and disseminate research results.
(See 【Open Access】)

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