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(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2018.11.7)

Making a reference list

Citations in the text and a reference list must follow the format specified by the academic society or the journal you submit.
Each academic field may have a particular style of referencing, but there is no unique format to write a reference list.
Articles to be submitted for an academic journal must follow the instructions of the publisher.

Below is one example.
You can organize bibliographic information, either downloaded from databases or added manually, and create a reference list automatically with reference management tools.
Figure 10: From reference search tools to reference management tools
Figure 11: What you can do with reference management tools
Please make use of the reference management tool "RefWorks", available for free on the Web for the University of Tokyo students, faculty and staff.
Please carefully read the page below before use.
Also there is a free reference management tool, "Mendeley".
Main differences between RefWorks, EndNote basic, Mendeley, EndNote *On-campus Only

There are seminars on how to use reference management tools. We take requests for conducting seminars during classes and custom-made seminars for free.
  • Training: Schedules of classes on how to search for reference materials and to use reference management tools, etc.
  • 出張講習会(in Japanese): How to apply for custom-made seminars by groups and individuals, and seminar requests during classes, etc.
  • 講習会教材(in Japanese): Past seminar text books for each field

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