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GACoS is renewed as Literacy on the University of Tokyo Library System.
Thank you for using GACoS for a long time.
GACoS will no longer be updated, so please use Literacy.

GACoS is a gateway to search for documents and other academic information over the Internet. It can be used to support your research activity. Japanese

 Academic Paper Support Book: Start here 【Web edition】
(Released: 2014.3.31, Last updated: 2020.2.7)

Reference search and reference management tools you can use after graduation/retirement

This is a list of major open access tools and tools made available by individual contracts categorized by objectives.
Searching with the condition "Free Access" on GACoS's "Find Database" page will give a list of open access database. Please refer to this for there are many databases that are not introduced here.
Search results indicated Free on E-journal & E-book Portal search result screen are open access e-journals. (See 【Open Access】)

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