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(Released: 2018.1.25, Last updated: 2019.1.24)

Column: Photocopying in the libraries and copyright

◆Photocopying in the libraries
Self-service photocopiers are available at most libraries. Only library materials are allowed to photocopy in the libraries.
To make a photocopy, you are required to follow the Japanese copyright law.
The copyright law allows a single reproduction of a part of a work for the purpose of your research or study.

◆Digital content and copyright
Most of the information available online (database contents, e-journals, web page contents including images and graphics) is subject to copyright, in the same way as the books and journals held by libraries.
The following acts are prohibited:

・posting information found online on a personal web page or dissertation without proper attribution
・the unauthorized publication of commercial contents (music, game software, magazines pictures, etc.)
・copying and using software acquired by a third party

◆Terms and conditions for the use of e-journals
The use of e-journals is subject to specific agreements passed between UTokyo and the publishers.
Any infringement of these agreements on the part of a user may result in the suspension of services for the entire university, so please be sure to always respect their terms.
Specific conditions differ according to each publisher, but the following acts are strictly forbidden:

・use by persons not affiliated with UTokyo
・use for non-academic purposes
・transmission of contents to third parties (for example forwarding contents by email)
・unauthorized data downloads (i.e. software-assisted systematic downloads)


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