「Early European Books Collection 4」「The Making of Modern Law」ほか提供開始 / "Early European Books Collection 4", "The Making of Modern Law" are now available. (2017.4.21)


◆Early European Books Collection 4

【内容】Early European Books Collectionは15世紀後半から1700年にかけてヨーロッパで印刷された書籍のデータベースです。
このうちCollection 4 は、イギリスのウェルカム図書館、オランダ国立図書館、フィレンツェ国立中央図書館、
デンマーク王立図書館、フランス国立博物館の稀覯書コレクションです。(Collection 2, 3は導入済み)

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◆JK Books 人物叢書


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◆The Making of Modern Law : Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (MoML1)

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"Early European Books Collection 4", "The Making of Modern Law", "JK Books 人物叢書" are now available.

◆Early European Books Collection 4

Collection 4 contains almost 3 million pages and includes works 
from the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, 
the Wellcome Library and the Kongelige Bibliotek, and the Bibliotheque nationale de France (BnF).
Collection 2 and 3 are also available.

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◆JK Books 人物叢書

A series of biographies of historical persons in Japan. This series is available on JapanKnowledge Lib.

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Access http://japanknowledge.com/library/

◆The Making of Modern Law : Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (MoML1)

A collection of US and British legal literature from the nineteenth and 
early twentieth centuries from Harvard Law School Library and other institutions.
Access to the Gale Primary Sources, and select The Making of Modern Law from the list 
on the left side of the search window. 

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