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You can search the database available at the University of Tokyo. The manuals are on individual database pages.

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UTokyo Repository

Database of Card Catalog of Tibetan Tripitaka (The NARUTAN version. Tengyuru)
Database of scanned image of the original card catalog of [ Tibetan Tripitaka].

Catalog of Classical Chinese Books in the General Library of the University of Tokyo
Database of scanned images of [ Catalog of Classical Chinese Books in the General Library of the University of Tokyo](printed catalog) .

The University of Tokyo Doctorial Dissertation Database
Database of bibliographic information(1957-2011) and abstracts (1994-2011) for doctoral theses granted by the University of Tokyo.

Information literacy support
Training Session(in Japanese)
Training Session  Training event
   (Enforcement report:1999  2000  2001  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  More)

Writing Support

Digital Version of Rare Books

Kanze Archive

Japanese Traditional Mining : image database of picture scrolls and pictures

All other sites not listed above have been moved to the new sites below.

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