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Gateway for information
GACoS (Gateway to Academic Contents System)
Link to the academic databases which is avialable at the Univirsity of Tokyo.

Quick Guide to Searching for Documents
yQuick Guide to Searching for Documentszis a guide to use that can be viewed through your web browser. It can be viewed free of charge from on or off campus.

University of Tokyo OPAC
Cellular phone OPAC
This OPAC allows you to search the collections held in the University of Tokyo libraries .

UTokyo Repository

Web of Science
(On-campus access only)

(On-campus access only)

Database of Card Catalog of Tibetan Tripitaka (The NARUTAN version. Tengyuru)
Database of scanned image of the original card catalog of [ Tibetan Tripitaka].

Catalog of Classical Chinese Books in the General Library of the University of Tokyo
Database of scanned images of [ Catalog of Classical Chinese Books in the General Library of the University of Tokyo](printed catalog) .

The University of Tokyo Doctorial Dissertation Database
Database of bibliographic information(1957-2011) and abstracts (1994-2011) for doctoral theses granted by the University of Tokyo.

Littel Navigator
(On-campus access only)

Information literacy support
Database Training Course Database Training Course  on-site courses on request(in Japanese)
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Databases Manual

Information literacy support
 Cellular Phone OPAC  Research on the Internat on Web  Research on the Internat  Databases Leeflets  All About the Libraries (Marugoto Toshokan)  GACoS (Gateway to academic Contents System)

Digital Version of Rare Books
OGAI collection and his notes database
Works of history and literature, biographies, Edo-period maps, Western books collected by Japanese writer Mori Ogai (1862-1922)
Yuzuru Hiraga Digital Archive

Digital Version of Shizen Shin'eido
"Shizen Shin'eido" is one of the precious collections in the Main Library, composed of 12 volumes and 12 books, by Ando Shoeki.

Digital Collection of Rare Books
Digital Collection of Fujikawa-Bunko, Early Chrisitian manuscripts in Japan,Japanese old books housed in the General Library collection and Edo-Period Haikai Poetry Collection.

Digital Version of Katei Bunko
"Katei Bunko" is another precious collection in the Main Library, by Watanabe Katei (1865-1924, writer/newspaper report in the Meiji era). The collection includes 1,159 items of novels and drama books in the Edo era.

Digital Version of Kuroki Bunko

Digital Version of Koshu Hatto no Shidai

Image Database of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty

Photobook of the Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku (Tokyo Imperial University)

>Digital Version of "Jishin kasai hanga Harimazecho"

Digital Version of Naoe-zyou

Kanze Archive

Digital Version of the scroll of Chinese emperor's command

Dainihonkaishi Hensan Siryo

Digital Version of the scroll of 36 Immortal Poets

Digital Version of the scroll of Hyakki Yagyou

Kakezu (educational drawing)

PETIT, Stanislas "Le Praticien Industriel"

Digital Version of (Kyoho 8 nen) Kishu Kumanoura Shogei no Zu

Digital Version of Muzuno-ke Komonjyo

Professor Takagi's autograph lecture notes

Japanese Traditional Mining : image database of picture scrolls and pictures

Digital Library Research Division
Digital Library Division
Digital Library Research Division

   Nakagawa Laboratory

   Open Resources
       EKeyword extracting system "Gensen Web"

Digital Library Division Library Tools Service statistics

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