Instructions and Directions for Use

@The use of e-resources (such as e-journals, e-books and databases) is conditioned by agreements passed between the UTokyo and the publishers.

@Users are reminded once again to respect the terms and conditions of use for e-resources.

[User restrictions]

Access is restricted to:
- UTokyo members (professors, students, etc.)
- Persons approved by the libraries (on-site access only)

[Prohibiteid acts]

  1. Using the services for purposes not connected with individual research or education.
  2. Transmitting information to a third party by electronic means.
  3. Unauthorized downloads *
    - Systematic or programmatic downloading
    - Downloading a large amount of data in a short time period
    - Downloading an entire issue of a journal

    * Although license agreements with publishers don't set actual maximum number of downloads, authorized users are only permitted to access and download individual articles for private study or research.
    Do not conduct excessive or unauthorized downloading, whether automatically or manually, under any circumstances !!

Following a suspected case of unauthorized downloading concerning electronic journal services,
the UTokyo has been admonished by publishers at frequent intervals.
A further breach of the terms and conditions of use of e-resources MAY RESULT IN THE INTERRUPTION OF THE SERVICES FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSITY.
Users are reminded once again to respect the terms and conditions of use for e-resources.

[Please beware of large volume access using pre-read browser functions]

Accessing large volumes of data over short periods of time during use of e-resources may be regarded as a breach of contract and thus result in suspension of access to such services for The University of Tokyo as a whole by their providers.
There have been frequent recent occurrences of users unintentionally downloading or accessing large volumes of data using pre-read browser functions.
Pre-read browser functions continually access links within pages in the background while pages are being viewed.
As a result of this, large volume data downloads or large volume access of which the user is unaware may occur, even if the user intends to use e-resources in the standard way.
We request your cooperation in disabling these functions in browser settings. Be aware that there have been many reports of this happening with Microsoft Edge in particular.

See also: E-JOURNAL PORTAL: Instructions and Directions for Use (in Japanese)